Brown launches campaign for State Rep

PAW PAW - South Haven school board member Annie Brown kicked off her campaign for state representative Thursday, Oct. 15, in Paw Paw, one of nine stops across Michigan’s 66th House District.

“I’ve been listening to families from Parchment to Paw Paw for two years,” said Brown, a Democrat. “Voters are ready for strong leadership in Lansing. They want legislators who get along and get to work.”

Brown said her campaign priorities include jobs, education, and fixing Michigan roads and bridges.

“We’re paying our legislators to get the work done, yet we still don’t have a plan to repair our roads,” said Brown. “When the roads are repaired, we want the work done by Michigan companies. Michigan jobs should go to Michigan businesses.”

Raised in a small farming town in northern Michigan, Brown has lived in Van Buren County for almost 30 years.

“I know the challenges faced by businesses and families who live in rural areas and small towns,” she said. “Voters need more than a voice in Lansing, they need lawmakers who will work tirelessly.”

Brown and her husband, Jeff Filbrandt, have three children.

Current State Rep. Aric Nesbitt is term-limited.

This article was originally published by the Courier-Leader.