About Annie:

Michigan Values

Annie Brown grew up in Hillman, a small farming town in northern Michigan. A product of public education, Annie attended Hillman Public Schools where she was the first girl to operate a film projector in the 4th Grade. Her mother was an artist and a teacher’s aide at Hillman Schools and her father worked for the Michigan Highway Department. They raised her to work hard, be brave, and speak up for the underdogs.

Committed to Service

She studied political science and English at Hope College in Holland and graduated with a bachelor’s degree. After internships in Washington, D.C. she was hired by Sen. Carl Levin to work in his Washington office.

Annie moved back to Michigan in 1985 and worked at the South Haven Daily Tribune, where she became editor when she was 25. Annie has lived in South Haven for almost 30 years, except for two years she spent in Lansing working as a writer for Michigan Speaker of the House Lewis Dodak.

Fighting Waste

As a mother of three, former preschool teacher, and a local resident involved in her community, Annie became concerned with the administration of South Haven Public Schools. Too much money was being put towards administrative costs and not enough was going to classrooms.  Annie Brown decided to run for a position on the local school board. Her goal was to change the district’s budget so that money went to support students, not weak leadership. She was elected in 2004 and continues to serve on the board, including her service as the school board president from 2010-2011.

Advocating for Michigan Families

Annie’s goals include fighting for our local schools, protecting our seniors, and making government work for everyone. Brown lives in South Haven with her husband, Jeff Filbrandt. Together they own the Filbrandt Family Funeral Home. They have three kids: Peter, 15, Jack, 17, both students at South Haven High School; and Maggie, 21, a junior at Central Michigan University.